The Hour Draws Near Part II


It’s a strange thing to think that in just eight days I’ll be a father to the little guy pictured above. When Kayte and I first discovered ‘we’ were pregnant, there was this sense that actual parenthood, as opposed to pregnancy, was still in the distant future. I think I found myself rounding 9 months up to a year and imagining I’d undergo great leaps in maturity by the time this whole fatherhood business actually snuck up on me. But indeed here we are with just a hint over a week to go until life unloads a massive set of new responsibilities (and a massive new set of blessings) upon us, and, truthfully, it’s a bit hard to imagine what it will be like. I have watched a few friends become fathers in the past few years and there is an identifiable set of transformations that take place (be they voluntary or not) immediately after birth. A friend recently described the experience to me as a kind of instant, deeply embedded shock at one’s former pre parenthood selfishness. I’m looking forward to that actually. The house of course has taken on a new shape. The other night I ran straight into our playpen (which will double as the master bedroom crib for the first few months before we banish the little fella to the nursery full time) on a midnight trip to the bathroom. In that sense there are visual and physical reminders lurking everywhere. Prior to 2009 there were very few brightly colored objects in our house and now there are several, each subtly hinting at a different life to come. People keep semi ominously urging us to “get sleep while you can”. The Priuses (Prii?) have been fully outfitted with infant safety gear. It’s as though our every day surroundings have accrued all the window dressings of parenthood and now all that’s missing is the main character: Cole.

Yes, you read right, our son’s name will be Cole. I’d been resisting the finality of setting his name in stone, mainly because I kept fearing we hadn’t exhausted EVERY baby name book available in the english language (we had). I’d wake up in the middle of the night dreading the prospect of stumbling on THE perfect name weeks into our son’s life, thus dooming myself to a lifetime of regret. The truth of the matter is that we liked Cole from the get go and there has never really been another serious contender. We have flirted with a few other names, just to give the vetting process a sheen of due diligence but really, deep down, it was always Cole. Sending this piece of information out into cyberspace (wow is that word is beginning to show its age) has a soothing closure to it. I wonder if there is any way to pre print the birth certificate in order to stave off any last minute second guessing.

Speaking of Cole, the dude looks to be sporting a major league set of cheeks and lips in the picture you see above. Kayte knows I have long coveted a chubby baby and it seems as though I may get my wish. He remains somewhat disconcertingly (to Kayte’s ribs, that is) active in the womb. In fact there are times when it appears that he is either giving himself swimming lessons in there or else doing jumping jacks in sets of 50. Because he’s being delivered approximately two and a half weeks early, the betting is that he’ll weigh in around 7 pounds next Thursday (half exciting, half terrifying to write ‘next thursday’ there). Wrapping things up, I’ve included a few belly shots below, one from 32 weeks and one from 34 weeks (we’re in week #36 now) so you out of staters can get some idea of the kind of bed hogging that’s going on around here. I’ll post one last time before next week with a detailed look at the nursery while it’s still has the pristine sparkle of a space that no one actually lives in.

After that post, the next time you hear from me, you’ll be hearing from the three of us : )

– Ross


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  1. 1

    ricker said,

    my sister and my mom have always said that their pre-fab baby names changed upon first sight after birth…. i wonder if Cole will stick!

    p.s. ricker is a cool name..

  2. 2

    Grandma Fogal said,

    Baby Cole is beautiful! Thank you for journaling your days counting down to parenthood! So excited for next Thursday and the blessing of a new bundle of joy given to our family:)

  3. 3

    Cindi Washam said,

    I can’t wait to see pictures of Cole! I will be praying for him and Kayte, that the c-section goes great!

  4. 4

    Natalie Connor said,

    Can’t wait for grandma playdates! The Connor’s Love Baby Cole!

  5. 5

    Heidi Fogal said,

    All the best on your big day tomorrow. We look forward to meeting baby Cole shortly. We send our love and prayers!!

  6. 6

    Many congratulations to you two! My mom forwarded me some pictures that your mom had sent out. Cole is perfect and Kayte you look gorgeous! That’s how every new mom wants to look after labor.

    I’ll be praying for your first days/weeks at home. My advice is always to enjoy everything (even the sleepless nights), because before you know it that season is over and you’ll never get it back. Believe it or not, you will miss the days of waking up at 3:00 in the morning and getting to take care of your little one.

    Lots of love. Post some pictures when you get a chance 🙂

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